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we are not 100% sure if they are pregnant yet, but we will know in about 2 weeks or sooner. I m going ahead and posting just to see if anyone would be interested!! our girls managed to get out and get into the boys - was not planned. Will post pics of our rats . we will not be sure of which is the dad to who .
I have 3 solid black and 2 black tort. 4 are females and 1 is a male. The male is solid black. Their father was a show rabbit, so these guys are from a quality line.
Both are does. They are sisters. They were born on April 28th, 2018
Boy 4 mts
Girl 4 mts old
In excellent condition. Top, bottom and about 2 feet up the sides have chicken wire to keep them from digging out and keep pest from getting in. Hutch opens from top for cleaning and open under for laying around. No longer keep rabbits so don't need the pen. Must pick up.
Male hamster 1 1/2 - 2 years old. (He is "old" though he doesn't act it. They typically are great pets for 3 or less years) HE IS NOT FOOD. He loves being held / hand fed. INCLUDED: Cage, new box of food, water bottle / food bowl, igloo, shredded paper for bedding (He loves it) & a wheel. Message me if interested
We have a 3 year old rabbit that my daughter can not be around because she is allergic to the hair it will come with a half a bag of food, water bottle, salt lick, and mineral lick.
He is 2 years old & very sweet! Don't have enough time for him & he needs someone that can play with him.
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